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Payment Information

We are a pre-paid operated company. This means you will need to pay for services ahead of time (shall you have any reason to skip, we will credit that service). After each service, you will receive an invoice inside a bag on your front door. The invoice will include that day’s service cost, plus any prior remaining balance. Little Stinkers currently accepts the following forms of payment: cash, check, or G-Pay (Google Pay - link below). Services will be suspended after 30 days without payment. Accounts 60 days past due will be sent to collections. Services WILL automatically renew every year on January 1st unless they are canceled prior to the 1st of the year. 


Little Stinkers currently accepts the following forms of payment*: 

  • Cash

  • Check made out to Little Stinkers

  • G-Pay (Google Pay**) at: 


*We are working on expanding our payment option offerings as well and will notify our customer base once we add other payment options. 


**Before using G-Pay / Google Pay, please confirm that you have the newest version of the G Pay app installed on your phone. You can find the newest version of the G Pay app on either the Google Play Store or on the iOS App Store. If you’ve had Google Pay for more than a month or so, you may have the OLD version installed which will no longer allow you to send payments to anyone with the NEW version, including Little Stinkers. To solve this issue, you will need to just uninstall the current Google Pay app from your phone, then re-install the NEW version from the Play Store or the App Store. Up until very recently, Google had TWO Pay apps available, and functional, the old Google Pay, and the new G Pay. Now there’s only the new one, and it goes by G Pay or Google Pay. Both used to work interchangeably until very recently when Google phased out their old Google Pay app and launched the new one exclusively. So as of now, the old Google Pay app no longer works. 

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