We offer several different services that fit your needs! Dogs, Cats, Etc! We service the St. Charles, Lincoln, & Warren Counties! Fill out our form for a free estimate!​

Dog Waste Removal

We offer - Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Once a month, or call just because you are having company!

It is a weekly program and you will never have to buy litter or clean a litter box again. We never step foot in your home!  You don't even have to be there!

Cat Box Exchange

Refer a friend to receive free or discounted services!

Referral Program

Customers can pay up-front for weekly, monthly, or annual services. Customers paying up-front for 12 months will receive your last month's service for free.​

Services are year-round and will be suspended after 40 days past due.

Outstanding accounts will be sent to collections after 60 days without payment.

*** By consenting to service you are authorizing the staff of "LIttle Stinkers of MO, LLC" to be on your property for service.***  

Terms Of Service