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We offer several different services to fit your individual needs. We handle Pet Waste Removal for Dogs, Cats, and even sometimes Pigs! We proudly service St. Charles, Lincoln, & Warren Counties. Click below to see our prices. Ready to start service now? SIGN UP BELOW and we will give you call to confirm!

Dog Waste Removal

Never scoop your pet's poop again! Let Little Stinkers handle the least pleasant chore of dog-ownership, yard cleanup! Enjoy your pet and your yard without worrying about the stinking mess!

Cat Litter Box Exchange

Keep the STINK away & let Little Stinkers handle your litter boxes! Your Cat NEVER goes without a litter box, you don't have to buy litter or be home for service & we NEVER enter your home!

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Referral Program

Refer a friend to receive free or discounted services! Ask us for details!

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Terms Of Service

Customers can pay up-front, weekly, or bi-weekly. Monthly payments are acceptable as well.

Services are year-round and will be suspended after 30 days past due.

Outstanding accounts will be sent to collections after 60 days without payment.

*** By consenting to service you are authorizing the staff of "Little Stinkers of MO, LLC" to be on your property for service.***  

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