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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” 

– Anatole France


This big fur ball of love was a service dog to the sweet little boy wrapped around him. The Morrow Family had no idea the change he would bring to their life. To say he was a blessing is an understatement when it comes to the love of Abe. Rest in Peace handsome.


Handsome boy Alfred will be missed dearly by the Stumbaughs. Mostly for his wiggles, toots and snores! Rest in paradise to their baby, companion and lazy coworker!


Rocco and 6 of his siblings were abandoned on the side of the road before a good Samaritan took them to the humane society where we were able to adopt him. Since the day Rocco became a Kuznecoff, he brought so much love and joy to our family. Warranting the question, "who saved who?" It is with our heaviest of hearts that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Rocco so that he could live eternity without pain, doing what he loves most.

Rocco K.


Sweet Tegan girl was loved tremendously by the Kuhn family for the past 15 years. Our sweetest condolences!

"Sarge was the best boy ever! He was the sweetest dog and never knew a stranger. He loved swimming, playing with his sisters, and cuddling wit his mom and dad. After a 19 month battle with cancer we said goodbye and our family feels his loss tremendously. We love and miss you so much Bubba <3."


Lenny was the goodest boy and had so much character you just couldn't help but smile when around him! Rest easy 


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